Recommended reading to help you learn from others' fertility journeys, feel more understood and not so alone. Keep in mind that it can be scary to read about infertility struggles if you're preparing for pregnancy, but haven't started trying. Read those books you feel will help you whoever you may be in your fertility journey.



By Diane Chandler

A bittersweet, at times funny, and emotionally raw novel about a professional couple with high flying careers who meet when they’re young, but leave it late for trying for a baby. As they battle through gruelling fertility treatment, it explores the emotional and physical strain it places on each of them personally, as well as their marriage. Feelings of hope, despair, blame, guilt and resentment, test their relationship like never before as they desperately long for baby. What makes this story so honest is that it’s informed by the author’s own experience of going through multiple IVF cycles.

Moondance (c) The School of Fertility

Read how Diane Chandler weaved her own personal experience of IVF into her novel.

Dare to Dream

By Izzy Judd

Izzy Judd provides a heartfelt account of her struggles to become a mother. Diagnosed with Polcystic Ovary Syndrome, Izzy struggled to conceive naturally and embarked on a long journey involving fertility treatment, holistic remedies and, finally, IVF. She describes with unflinching honesty the despair, frustration and loneliness she endured during her years of waiting to fall pregnant, and of the grief brought about by miscarriage. Harry Judd provides his side of the story too, sharing his own experience of their journey to parenthood and the emotjnla impact it had on him.

Get a Life: His & Hers Survival Guide to IVF

By Richard Mackney and Rosie Bray

This book is an essential survival guide for all couples embarking on fertility investigation or treatment. Rosie and Richard share both their experiences of going through three very different rounds of IVF. They both provide you with the funny, emotional and physical sides of IVF, explaining what happens at each stage of the process and the mistakes they made along the way. Useful medical advice is also provided throughout the book from Dr James Nicopoullos, Consultant Gynaecologist and Specialist in Reproductive Medicine.

More Love To Give

More Love to Give

By Helen Davies

After trying to conceive for four years, Helen gave birth to her son Zac. She finally felt complete. That was until she felt a desperate desire to have another child and a sibling for Zac. This is Helen's story of secondary infertility and her turbulent journey through multiple rounds of IVF. She provides an honest account of what it's really like to struggle with secondary infertility and to undergo IVF when your already fortunate enough to have a child, but have more love to give. She runs a great support website Secondary Infertility Matters.

The Pursuit of Motherhood

The Pursuit of Motherhood

By jessica hepburn

Jessica started her fertility journey aged 34. Diagnosed with unexplained infertility, she describes her at times heartbreaking experience of being on the fertility roller-coaster, including numerous cycles of IVF and her ongoing pursuit of motherhood. Jessica is the founder of 'Fertility Fest'.

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