My fertility journey


Hi, I’m Juliana,

I’m a Transformational Fertility Coach, Yoga Teacher and Founder of The School of Fertility. My mission is to help you optimise your fertile health and wellbeing through evidence-based information, tools and techniques, so you can improve your chances of conceiving.

Do you wish you felt more prepared for pregnancy? To understand how your reproductive system works? What you can do to optimise the quality of your eggs and sperm? How you can create a nourishing environment for conception to take place and a baby to grow?

Have you been trying to conceive, but all you seem to get each month is a disappointing Big Fat Negative? Are you sick of peeing on sticks, avoiding pregnant friends, putting your life on hold, having scheduled sex, and downing your sorrows with a bottle of wine ceremony at the end of each cycle?

Do you find other people’s insensitive comments really get to you? You know the ones I mean: “Just relax and it’ll happen”, “Everything happens for a reason”, “Have you tried…?”, “Whose fault is it?”, “I know someone who…”, “You can always have IVF?”, “You’re lucky, my kids drive me mad” or the piece de résistance “Maybe you’re just not meant to have kids”.

Are you thinking about having medical investigation, but are worried about what might be wrong and the personal and financial implications as a result? Are you considering IVF and are fed up with comments like: “Have you tried it naturally?”, “My friend tried four rounds of IVF and then conceived naturally” or "Ugh, I couldn't do all those injections". Do you wish you didn’t feel so alone in your thoughts?

Do you desperately want to provide your child with a sibling, but are made to feel guilty when others say to you: “You already have a child, you should be happy with the one you’ve got?”

Have you felt heart-broken as a result of a pregnancy loss? That feeling of being just empty inside. Having to deal with dismissive comments like: “At least you miscarried early on”, “It wasn’t a real baby” or “It’s so common”. And being left with pure fear at the thought of it happening again.

Truth, I don’t know how you feel, but I can certainly relate from my own experiences in trying for a family. In May 2018, my husband Steve and I experienced fertility issues first-hand when we went for a 10-week pregnancy scan only to find out the heart-breaking news we'd had a missed miscarriage. In a mere moment, our whole world had been turned upside down and we felt completely and utterly crushed.

Supporting each other we found techniques to help us both heal emotionally and for me, physically, following the surgery I’d had. When we started trying again, it took a while for me to have a heavy period to refresh my lining. Then my cycle became irregular, as it became much longer in length. Some months I convinced myself I was pregnant with aching boobs, nausea and little sensations, but still no Big Fat Positive. That’s when I decided to consciously change my mindset.

I could either continue to feel a mess by riding the rollercoaster of emotions each month or I could see it as an opportunity to grow and learn more about myself. An opportunity to become the best version of me, so I could be the type of role model I wanted to be to my future children. For me, this meant utilising my education in biomedical science, nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, neuroscience and health coaching, by undergoing a complete self-transformation and fertile awakening. From living in limbo-land, I felt like I’d got my life back. No-longer was I going to put things on hold or use the words “What if….” No-more was I going to punish my body for what it wasn’t giving me, but instead truly love and care for it. I started to feel reconnected to my body, contentment for the present and excitement for the future.

I felt the need to create a blog for those trying to conceive, that addressed all things fertility related, and so The School of Fertility was born. A blog that provides evidence-based information, tools and techniques to help you optimise your fertility, manage your mindset and grow through any challenges you face along your journey.

I very much believe in an integrated holistic and medical approach when it comes to fertility, so I’ve collaborated with a number of the best specialists out there, including Professor Charles Kingsland, Consultant Gynaecologist and specialist in reproductive medicine. This means you can trust the information you’re receiving, as opposed to relying on Dr Google for all the answers, which I admit was my go-to source before I studied in the field. I remember feeling so confused with all the contradictory information on the web – I didn’t know what to believe and what not to believe. That’s where I hope my blog can help; to give you solid facts about your reproductive health, to help you understand how you can optimise your chances of conceiving and make more informed decisions should you choose to embark on fertility investigation or treatment.

You can rest assured that I’m providing you with evidence-based information too what with my educational background in both scientific and holistic health. I’m here to support you throughout your fertility journey, not only as a coach, but as someone who is part of the tying to conceive community – know that you’re not alone. If there’s topics you wish for me to cover either on my blog, via live videos or webinars, please do contact me.

I believe with the power of knowledge and the use of practical tools and techniques, we can all feel more empowered to take control of our fertility journeys and use any challenges we’re facing as an opportunity to grow into the greatest version of ourselves.

Juliana x

My training

  • MA Anthropology of Health & the Body in 21st Century, Goldsmiths University of London

  • BSc Hons, Human Sciences, King’s College London

  • Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute

  • Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Teacher Training, YogaLondon

  • Fertility Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Mama

  • Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness for Addictions, Minded Institute

  • BSY Diplomas: Holistic Fertility Therapy and Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy

  • S.N.H.S. Diplomas: Holistic Nutrition, Child and Adolescent Nutrition, Herbalism, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Meditation, Professional Relaxation Therapy, and Diabetes Risk Awareness

  • History of Medicine, Oxford University

  • Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy, CPHT London (Pending 2019)

  • BSY Diplomas: Tibetan Buddhist Mediation and Meridian Psychotherapy (Pending 2019)