Three superfood powders

By Juliana Kassianos, Transformational Fertility Coach, Yoga Teacher and Founder of The School of Fertility

   Spirulina Powder

Spirulina Powder

These superfood powders have particular health benefits. You can add them to smoothies, juices or porridge. Always consume in moderation though, as the adverse effects of consuming large quantities is not clear.


A small Peruvian root vegetable that contains 31 minerals and 60 phytonutrients. It is rich in thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B6, iron, calcium, zinc, and fibre. There is scientific evidence that it has fertility-enhancing properties in women and men. In men it has been found to increases sperm count and motility.


A caramel-flavoured Peruvian fruit rich in potassium, iron, zinc and fibre. It is known by some as the ‘egg fruit’, because its yellow-orange flesh resembles the colour and texture of a hard-boiled egg. Back in the Inca Empire, it was viewed as the symbol of fertility. It has a low glycaemic index, so can be used as a natural sweetener.


Blue-green algae, which is 65% protein and is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B12, magnesium and fibre. In studies spirulina is shown to be non- toxic to reproduction in mice. In one study, rats that were fed a diet containing spirulina produced significantly higher litter size than those that weren’t.


  • Which superfood powder are you willing to try?


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Juliana Kassianos