Fertility Yoga

Fertility yoga is a gentle and restorative practice. Studies suggest yoga can help women and men overcome infertility, improve their reproductive health and increase fertility treatment success rates.

The benefits of fertility yoga if you're preparing for pregnancy or trying to conceive.

The Cat Pose combined with the Cow Pose, helps to restore energy in your body, gives a gentle massage to your abdominal organs, relieves stress by stretching your back, torso and neck, is a gentle way to warm up the spine, and is very good for spinal alignment.

Downward Facing Dog combines stretching with strengthening helping to relieve tension in your muscles, improve your circulation and increase flexibility in your hamstrings.

Bridge Pose helps to increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, stretch the spine and reduce stress.

A sequence to help you loosen tight hips, improve motion and circulation.

A lower body sequence to help you loosen tight muscles, improve motion and circulation.

The 4-7-8 Breath is designed to induce your parasympathetic nervous system; a part of your autonomic nervous system that turns off stress, bringing you into a relaxed state. It's particularly good if you experience anxiety, which is really common during the two-week wait, as well as insomnia.


If you'd like to further your practice, why not join a local yoga class. If you can't find a fertility/pre-conception yoga class close to home, opt for one that delivers a gentle practice. Try to stay away from any forms of power yoga or hot yoga as these are both intense forms of exercise that can put stress on your body. Be aware that hot yoga can expose a growing foetus to excessive heat. If you find out your pregnant, make sure you change classes to one that is for pregnancy yoga, which you’ll be advised to start after your first trimester (usually from 14 weeks onwards).